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A boutique classic car operation built on a lifetime of buying, selling and restoring classic cars. 

Nestled in the tranquil landscapes of Somerset, our workshop is more than just a space for classic car renovation – it's a sanctuary for those who share an unwavering love for the beauty of vintage cars. 



We have a selection of timeless classics in our workshop. See our restorations for details on each project.


 Whether you've got a forgotten gem gathering dust in your garage or you simply want to bask in the glory of meticulously restored classics, you're always welcome at the workshop.


Jason is one of those individuals you meet and immediately instills a positive impression. His passion for cars shines through and you know he is a true car enthusiast first and foremost.   He has an incredible attention to detail that has lead to him restoring a number of cars to the very highest levels. I suspect his mantra is “why outsource a car restoration when you can do it better yourself.” He is a rare example of someone who can do just that and the car community is richer for it

Will Smith / Car specialist 



I met Jason almost 30 years ago, he had just started restoring a Healey 100. When finished it was one of the finest restorations I had seen. JPM Classics is the business that evolved from that passion, a business that continues to demonstrate those same high standards 30 years on. He may have a car that interests you or you are seeking safe hands for your project, either way you are looking in the right place.

Steve Norton / Managing Director 

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